The Collector's Guide to Victor Records (2nd Edition)


Michael Sherman w/Kurt Nauck

Paperback, 7” x 10", 288 pp w/full color illustrations

With roots extending all the way back to the birth of the disc recording industry, Victor reigned supreme throughout the 78 rpm era. Herein lies the story of Victor's standard-catalog 78 rpm record label, traced from Berliner (its predecessor) to the demise of the 78 rpm format. All four of Victors standard label colors (Black, Red, Blue & Purple) are documented in detail along with all changes made to the Victor label throughout its 60 year run.

The second section of the book highlights many of the notable singers, personalities and world leaders who recorded for Victor, leaving a priceless, treasured legacy for future generations. Included are such luminaries as Enrico Caruso, Leopold Stokowski, Will Rogers, Nellie Melba, King George V, Charles Lindbergh, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Lauder, Adelina Patti, Amos & Andy, Robert Peary and dozens of others.

The Victor Talking Machine Company (later RCA Victor) produced countless recordings outside their normal domestic catalog issues. The third section features ethnic recordings, imports, picture discs, puzzle records, subsidiary labels such as Bluebird and Zonophone, contract pressings, pattern labels, long-playing Program Transcriptions, vanity issues, children's records, test pressings, radio transcriptions, demo records, soundtrack discs, client labels, in-house recordings and sample pressings. There's even a page devoted to errors and imitation records!

The fourth section includes pictures of record sleeves, company catalogs, supplements and other Victor publications in addition to record release charts, rarity guides and a comprehensive bibliography and index. One would expect a compendium such as this to be dull and lifeless, but Sherman and Nauck's engaging style, attention to detail and brilliant label images make the story come alive. The entire book is profusely illustrated in resplendent full-color, and will be equally at home on the coffee table or the reference shelf. No archive or serious collector should be without it.

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I was skeptical whether I needed the new edition of the Victor Records Guide since I liked the old one so much and refer to it a lot. When I received the new edition, was I ever happy that I ordered it. It's fantastic! If the old edition was a Victor III, the new edition is a Victor the 6th complete with mahogany horn. Congrats to you and Mr. Sherman. - Brian Bailey

[If you haven't yet] ordered the new revised edition of Michael W. Sherman's (with Kurt Nauck) "Collector's Guide To Victor Records," WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? An engraved invitation? If so, consider this to be one. Mike and Kurt have worked wonders. The comparison with the two earlier versions is beyond belief. - Prof. Michael Biel

The best book of 2011 (and it's only February)! This is a book you'll be proud to display on your coffee table for guests to browse through when they visit...I can't imagine a collector of 78rpm records who won't want this's a landmark volume - don't miss it! - Steve Ramm

The book is simply beautiful. Along with the authoritative text, the graphics jump right off the page and the labels are breathtaking. The book is a landmark, pure & simple. Sherman and Nauck should be proud of their work - it's simply irreplaceable. - George Paul

Absolutely spectacular, in every way. This has to be one of the most important works ever published in the field, and the production is outstanding. - Allan Sutton