Disc-O-File Record Sleeves (MINIMUM Order Quantity: 50)


Nauck's is proud to offer a line of record sleeves designed especially for sound archives & discriminating collectors.

The minimum quantity per order is 50 sleeves, but you may mix and match sizes.

Disc-O-File record sleeves are made from heavy card stock, so they will not tear or wrinkle when handled. Seams are on the inside to keep sleeves from catching on each other when a record is placed back on the shelf, and a shallow thumb tab is cut to either side of the center line to aid in opening the sleeve with the edge of the disc. This ensures a continuous straight edge across the top of the sleeve, keeping the top edge of the record hidden and protected.

Sleeves are printed on one side only with a box in the upper right-hand corner to allow the user to record pertinent information. They are designed so that over-sized records such as Edison Diamond Discs, early acoustic records and 16" shellac soundtrack recordings will fit comfortably. These are, quite simply, the finest sleeves on the market today.

The following quantity discounts are available:

500 - 10%

2,500 - 20%

5,000 - 30%

Note:  The shopping cart doesn't automatically apply the discount. Go ahead and place the order anyway, and we will refund the discount to your payment when we process your order. Thanks!