Vintage Record Auction 72

Our Fall 2022 Nauction (VRA 72) is open, and we are currently accepting bids through the closing date of Saturday, October 29, 2022.

This is a wonderful list which includes 78s of all sorts, as well as Edison Diamond Discs, cylinders and books. Of particular interest is a run of superb dealer-stock jazz, blues & hillbilly recordings in our Gem Quality section, some seldom seen historical pieces and a nice collection of Durium tests and special pressings.

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The Online Bidsheet is now ready to rock & roll. Please take it out for a spin and let us know your thoughts. Thanks and good luck!

VRA 72 Highlights

Out of the thousands of items offered in each catalog, a few stand out in terms of rarity, value, historical significance and/or visual appeal. Click here to view a slideshow of a few highlights in our current catalog, or click the button below to see a much more extensive selection in our Nauction Highlight Reels.

Past Auctions

Most of the records in our catalogs are sold at auction, but there are always a few hundred that do not receive bids. These leftover records are made available for their Minimum Bid amounts on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Unsold List consists solely of lot numbers and prices. Please download the catalogs below to determine what the lot numbers represent.