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Vintage Record Auction 70

This catalog features approximately 10,000 78rpm records, radio transcriptions, Edison Diamond Discs & cylinders. The auction closes Saturday October 23, 2021, but do not delay, as tie bids are decided in favor of the earliest bidder!

Online Bidsheet

It really pains me to say this, but after spending over a week trying to configure the Online Bidsheet to work with the new website, I have officially thrown in the towel. Since we will have to reprogram from scratch, it probably won't be ready until our spring auction. Therefore, please submit your bids by mail, fax or email. If sending by email, you would do us a big favor if you formatted your bids as follows:

Lot/Bid/Comments (optional)
653/45/only if Take 1

VRA 70 Highlights

Out of the thousands of items offered in each catalog, a few stand out in terms of rarity, value, historical significance and/or visual appeal. Click here to view a slideshow of some highlights in the current catalog.

Past Auctions

Most of the records in our catalogs are sold at auction, but there are always a few hundred that do not receive bids. These leftover records are made available for their Minimum Bid amounts on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Unsold List consists solely of lot numbers and prices. Please download the catalogs below to determine what the lot numbers represent.