78 rpm & Cylinder Records

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78 rpm & Cylinder Records

Vintage Recordings | Audio Equipment | Record Sleeves | Collector Resources

78 rpm & Cylinder Records

Vintage Recordings | Audio Equipment | Record Sleeves | Collector Resources

78 rpm & Cylinder Records

Vintage Recordings | Audio Equipment | Record Sleeves | Collector Resources

Welcome . . .

. . . to the home of Nauck's Vintage Records, the world's premier vintage record auction house. If your interest lies in pre-microgroove recordings made from the 1890s to the 1950s, your quest has ended.

Vintage Records, 1890-1960

We deal in all genres: jazz, opera, country, blues, classical, rock & roll, show tunes, children's, historical, R&B, personality, etc.

We deal in all vintage formats: 78s, phono cylinders, radio transcription discs, picture records, vertical recordings, album sets, Edison Diamond Discs, etc.

We deal in all ethnicities: Greek, German, Hindi, Yiddish, Russian, French, African, Latin, Argentine, Scandinavian, Cajun, West Indian, Arabic, etc.

We do not deal in LPs, 45s, tapes or CDs.

Fort Nauck's Video Tour

Not many can make the pilgrimage to Ft. Nauck's, so we've created this video to give you the virtual experience.

Remember the Alamo!


Bidder Request Shows

Every auction we produce a 10-15 hour Internet radio broadcast featuring many of the rarest, most interesting and historically significant recordings offered in the sale. The shows are also available as high resolution mp3 files. Prepare to be entertained, enlightened (and occasionally even offended), as we tend not to be PC.

Disc-O-File Record Sleeves

Our custom sleeves may be found in the Belfer Audio Archive, Library of Congress, Ward Irish Music Archives, BBC Broadcast Archive, International Piano Archives, National Library of New Zealand, First Generation Radio Archives, Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Yale University Archive & distinguished record rooms around the world.

Nauck's Buddy System

We may be scattered about the globe, but we are family. So if you have a buddy who shares our interest in old music & vintage shellac, send us his contact info and we'll get him plugged in. When he submits bids, you'll get auction credit and he may even wind up with some choice record swag! Because here at Nauck's, everybuddy's a winner.

Your Auction system, follow-up support, packaging, explanation of postal options, etc. is by some way the fairest, most buyer-friendly and thorough that I’ve encountered in all my years of bidding on 78s. With several other 78 auctions dropping out of the picture in recent years, it seems as if your perspicacity is getting its due reward.
— Dave K. (United Kingdom)
We opened the box . . .

We just want to say how thrilled we are with the recordings: their quality, the presentation in new sleeves, the care with which they were packaged and sent. We can see you take great pride in your work.

Thank you!
— Ziazan H. (United Kingdom)
All of the records arrived in fine shape today and I couldn't be more pleased! But one question. Do you clean everything that goes into your auction? (Yes.) Or does everything you get come to you in that condition? (No!) If you clean them before sale, then there is no need for me to do it again. They just look so clean to begin with. And my styli come away clean after playing them. Thanks!!
— Bob H. (New York)
The more I listen, the more I value the Bidder Request Show for introducing me to a vast amount of music which I’d never have discovered otherwise. The show is a valuable resource, providing hours of information and commentary on the history of recorded music, and all manner of topics related to collecting and preservation. It’s a compelling program and I’m grateful for it.
— Seth G. (Connecticut)
I’m relatively new to collecting 78s and have dealt with loads of really nice people generally over eBay but I’ve got to say you guys are a class apart! The records up for auction, the grading, the packaging, the service . . . all the best. That’s not to say that anyone else I’ve dealt with hasn’t been anything but excellent either, just not like this.
— Keith S. (United Kingdom)
I just received those two Victor 78s by Les Loups today and I am very pleased with them! Again, your packing skills deserve an extra praise from me - excellent! All in all - a great job extremely well done!
— Axel Küstner (Germany)
You guys really are amazing.

Your catalogs are textbooks and your Bidder Request Shows are history lessons.
— Chris S. (New York)
Just want to thank you for going the extra mile getting our wins to us in a timely manner during these very difficult times. No complaints from me! Everything looks and sounds fantastic. Looking forward to the next auction.
— Nicole A. (Illinois)
Much to my amazement, my parcel has just been delivered to my door by a local courier company. I know I've said this before but I do want to thank you again for all the work you've put in on our behalf. I'm sure I speak for others when I say you wouldn't believe how grateful we are.

Best wishes!
— Des W. (New Zealand)
You guys are a real gift for any collector – novice or expert. I have always been a “sloppy collector” – buy a pile, sell a pile, uneducated on values and genres, improperly storing them, etc. Your VRA catalogs, website, videos, valuations, etc., have honed me as a collector! On top of that, I have found Nauck's to be consistently professional, kind, responsive, and helpful beyond words. I can’t thank you enough! BEST IN CLASS operation.
— Paul L.