Nauck's Vintage Radio Bidder Request Shows


We are pleased to offer recordings of our Bidder Request Shows, brought to you in cooperation with Radio Dismuke! Each show consists of up to 15 hours of recordings taken directly from our vintage record auction catalogs. Selections range from the 1890s to the 1950s and encompass every conceivable type and genre of recording: comedy selections, jazz, opera, vintage commercials, classical, country, blues, R&B, dance bands, personality, speeches, radio shows, cylinders, etc. All interspersed with occasionally scintillating commentary by Kurt, Mark, Jack, Brian and/or Gene with periodic visits from special guests.

As of Bidder Request Show 74, we have produced 36 individual programs representing over 370 hours of recorded bliss. 4,600 individual recordings have been played, the vast majority of which were presented in their entirety. This represents a significant and growing body of work which will continue to provide the interested listener with a unique library of recorded entertainment extending from the dawn of recorded sound to the end of the 78 rpm era.

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PLEASE NOTE: Shows come as mp3 files loaded onto a CD, which will play on your computer or any device capable of reading mp3 files.

If you wish to automatically receive future shows ($20 each), check the appropriate box and we will bill you for them as they are released.