Indestructible and U-S Everlasting Cylinders: An Illustrated History & Cylinderography


Kurt Nauck & Allan Sutton

Hard Cover, 9” x 9", 288 pp w/b&w & color illustrations and dust jacket

This is the first volume in Mainspring's new American Cylinder Record Index project. The cylinderography includes Indestructible, Columbia-Indestructible, U-S Everlasting, Medicophone, Singaphone and Cortina records; both two and four minute cylinders are covered in detail. Entries include standardized titles, artist names and pseudonyms, composer and lyricist credits, recording and release dates (where known) and alternate issues. It also includes the first fully detailed and thoroughly documented history of the people and companies behind these popular brands, plus several color plates picturing the different boxes and lids used for the various series. This is an essential work for cylinder collectors!