Esoteric Sound Re-Equalizer III


Virtually all stereos made in the last 40 years are specifically designed to play microgroove recordings (LPs & 45s). What this means is the these types of records sound great, but most vintage records (78s) sound abysmal. That is because the stereo amplifier applies an equalization curve designed specifically for microgroove records (the RIAA curve).

The Re-Equalizer removes the RIAA curve applied by your current amplifier, and then provides you with 6 rolloff settings and 6 turnover settings allowing any vintage record to be properly equalized. It also includes a bypass switch to play your RIAA microgroove recordings, plus complete instructions and a lengthy list of suggested settings for various labels and types of pre-1960 records. This unit connects to stereo systems just like any ordinary graphic equalizer.

The recently introduced Re-Equalizer (Version 3) incorporates two new features: a vertical/lateral switch to enable proper playback of all groove types (vertical, lateral and universal) without the need for alternate cartridges or rewired headshells, and a blend control to compensate for stereo cartridge imbalance, unequal preamp channel gains and tilted cutter heads. Set to full left or full right to hear just one side of the groove or the other.

The unit comes in a rack-mount configuration, but a solid walnut case is also available.


  • TURNOVER Settings: FLAT, 300 Hz, 400 Hz (AES), RIAA (NAB), LP, 700 Hz
  • ROLLOFF Settings: FLAT, -5dB, -10dB, -12dB (AES), RIAA, NAB
  • Vertical/Lateral Switch
  • Blend Control
  • BYPASS Mode is hardwired, so it introduces no noise or distortion
  • Works with turntables or tape recorders
  • Measures 20"L x 7"D x 3"H in the walnut case