The Collector's Guide to Edison Records


George Copeland & Michael Sherman

Paperback, 8.5” x 11", 80 pp w/full color illustrations

Covering the entire story of the discs from 1912 through 1929, this indispensable guide to Edison Diamond Discs outlines all known label varieties and discusses in detail the manufacturing characteristics and sonic qualities of Edison records year by year. Numerous charts include sales graphs, matrix and catalog number release dates and detailed manufacturing data enabling the collector to accurately identify when his record was pressed. (As experienced Edison collectors know, this is key to knowing how a particular record will sound.) There is even a section that gives the catalog numbers for all those annoying Diamond Discs records pressed without them!

Truly, Sherman and Copeland have done a remarkable job. If you loved Note the Notes and the Collector's Guide to Victor Records, you'll want to pick up this volume as well.