Archival Transcription Tonearm


Balance, resonance, friction and the tangential relationship of the stylus to the groove are the fundamental factors that must be considered when evaluating a tonearm. The 10" Archival Transcription Arm excels in each of these areas, making it the ideal choice for archives, audiophiles and sound engineers.

Quality gimbal assembly incorporates four sets of steel ball bearings which provide free vertical and lateral motion; magnesium and steel machined parts assure rigidity and precision of alignment. Adjustments are provided for arm height, cartridge azimuth, cueing arm position, tracking force, balance and anti-skating force. Connection is accomplished via a plug-in, 5-pin right-angle cable harness. A damped cueing lever facilitates the gentle, accurate placement of the stylus into the groove.

Longer than conventional arms, this tonearm introduces less tracking error thereby enabling even 16" radio transcriptions to be played back properly. Internal silicon oil damping reduces minute vibrations, and the decoupled counterweight acts as an energy terminator. The dual stainless steel pin magnesium headshell provides a rigid coupling, but is easily removed.

The Archival Transcription Arm may be added as a pre-installed upgrade to the AT-140 turntable.


  • 13", static balance, S-shaped, tubular arm (10" effective length from pivot to stylus)
  • Silicon Oil Damped
  • Spindle to Pivot Distance: 9.45"
  • Overhang: 0.59"
  • Offset Angle: 21 degrees
  • Tracking Error: +1.5/-1.0 degrees
  • Finish: Matte black or silver-gray
  • Horizontal & Vertical Sensitivity: 20 mg
  • Height Adjustment: 1.5-2.4"
  • Tracking Force Calibration Range: weight marked for 0-3 gm, but can go higher
  • Anti-Skating Range: 0-3 gm
  • Cable Capacitance: 225 pF
  • Cable Harness Length: 45"
  • Mounting Hole: 1.25"
  • Cartridge Weight Range: 4.5-10.5 gm
  • Headshell: Magnesium with oxygen-free copper Litz wire