Unsolicited Testimonials


Bill Cole, 19 Dec 2012 (Arkansas)
The records I received from you are simply beautiful; I am thoroughly satisfied. Likewise, I've been delighted with all items I've received in the past: paper goods as well as discs. When I bid for items you present for auction, I'm always firmly aware of what I'm bidding on and what I'll be getting, as your grading procedures are very accurate and honest.

Gerald Mahlowe, 12 Dec 2012 (United Kingdom)
Season's greetings and thanks for another great, ETHICAL, MORALLY RESPONSIBLE auction!!

Freeman Gunter, 5 Dec 2012 (New York)
Just a note to tell you that my package has arrived. Good grief, nobody, but NOBODY can pack a bunch of records the way you do! So safe and secure. I got some real beauties this time, prizes that I cannot believe are mine at the prices I paid. Truly, you give good a deal, not like some I could name. Two months ago, I bought a record I had been searching for for thirty years only to have it broken in four pieces by sloppy, careless packing. I will never live to see this record again and I was heartbroken. This does not happen with you! Thanks for all you do. You really are the best in the biz. God Bless.

Tenyu Hamaki, 11 Dec 2012 (California)
I received the discs today all intact. With the amount of discs you auction every year I assume you don't clean them but I've never seen a "dirty" disc yet.  [Yes, we do clean each and every record sold through our auctions!]

Paul Rosa, 4 Sep 2012 (New York)
Got the record today. VERY, VERY pleased!!! Excellent copy & ultra excellent packaging! Thanks a million. From now on, you're my go to man!

Helmut & Petra Huber, 15 Jul 2012 (Austria)
Well, of course I had to listen to ALL these wonderful discs and to check out what stylus sounds best, and to file them in my list, and to check their compliance with the win list and invoice. Needless to say your shipment is perfect in respect of accordance to the invoice and to the description of the condition of the records. And, of course, the packing was done again by somebody (Dad again?) who knows his job!

Dominic Combe, 11 Jun 2012 (United Kingdom)
Received the parcel of cylinders from your recent sale this morning, all safe and sound; and packed so beautifully they would have survived an atrocity in the Middle East! As ever, your description of the condition of your records is perfect and it's a joy to do business with you!

Joo Breinack, 6 Jun 2012 (Brazil)
Today I received my records. Arrived intact and perfect. Congratulations on the packaging, one of the best I've ever seen!

Roger Shaw, 25 Mar 2012 (United Kingdom)
I just wanted to let you know that the USPS are wonderful and Her Majesty's Royal Mail are rubbish. She is a busy woman I know, but...........the CVS 14 Turntable arrived in this country on 7th March, which is very fast as it is uphill all the way from Texas to Chicago to London to Coventry to Exeter. Then the Post Office here failed to let me know that it was available for collection or delivery after payment of Customs charges. I asked Benny my postman every day & went to our local office - no sorry, you have to wait for a letter. Then Benny found a number for me to call & I went to Exeter 40 miles from here yesterday & picked it up. 17 days !! I could have been waiting yet! I was less than enchanted, especially as it came so quickly from your side of the water. Anyway, it is set up and running & I have a huge grin which is very unbecoming in an old man. Never have my records sounded so good, so many thanks. Many, many thanks. A new lease on life for me. Bless you all!

Adriano Bacchi Lazzari, 9 Feb 2012 (Italy)
Ho ricevuto il secondo libro, in perfette condizioni, a prova della tua estrema gentilezza. Grazie infinite e alla prossima.

Jochen Kowalski, 9 Jan 2012 (Germany)
The records are in Berlin....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Simply perfect shopping and shipping!!! I collect Russian records and Russian music - these records are Jewels!!!!

Mike Daley, 14 Dec 2011 (Canada)
I just received my auction winnings from my in-laws across the border in Buffalo, and I wanted to say that I am very impressed with the condition of the records and books and the professionalism of you and your staff throughout my buying experience. Taking part in the auction was fun and exciting (keep those Radio Dismuke shows coming, please) and I look forward to the next one.

Charles Sweningsen, 19 Nov 2011 (Minnesota)
I feel that I must be a beneficiary of your beyond-belief bidding system. You generously discounted my bid by more than half, and as one Black Crow said to the other, "Man, you can't make money that way!"

Ernie Petko, 26 Oct 2011 (Pennsylvania)
I received my records two days ago, beautifully packed and in excellent shape. It's the best packaging of records I've ever seen! Thank you!

Rick Altherr, 31 Aug 2011 (California)
I received the new [custom Stanton 500] stylus last night and managed to find time to install and align it. Wow! What a completely different sound compared to the official Stanton 78 stylus. I only wish I had found your site earlier!

Russ Geschke, 5 Jun 2011 (Illinois)
The records I won arrived a few weeks ago; have been very busy, but now want to again say how pleased I am with your grading, and superior packing.  Your lists include the most unusual and elusive items of all the auction lists I receive, items often tucked away among the recognizable rarities.  I prefer to reserve most of my buying activity for records  on your lists, as opposed to other sources, because of the fundamental fairness issue:  I sense I have overbid for certain items on other lists, but "bidding blind" I don't actually know, and often items appeared that I really need.  But after each of those other auctions I am often left feeling that I probably bid too much.  So your practice of assessing the winning bidder the runner-up bid is a practice that is fair, absolutely appropriate, and one other dealers should adopt. Thought you'd just like a little positive feedback.

Andrew Giamber, 5 May 2011 (Wisconsin)
I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks! I got my records yesterday and once again was just amazed at your beyond generous grading policies. I think some sellers tend to have one grade for stuff they're selling and one for stuff they're keeping, but not you. I've wanted that Rev. Utah Smith record for ages and would never have dared purchase a V copy from anyone else on the planet but you, and wouldn't you know it it arrived looking even better than I had hoped!

Riccardo La Spina, 23 Nov 2010 (California)
Please accept Kudos, regarding my first experience with your wares/service: the records received are absolutely beautiful; I believe these are the first I have gotten from you, and so was not sure what to expect. You grade far more conservatively that even those who claim it, and all are real 'keepers.'

Brian Bailey, 5 Nov 2010 (Washington)
Thank you, Brer Kurt, the complete packages of cylinders and discs arrived intact and pristine. Very conservative grading; the Edison Admiral Dewey cylinder looked and sounded much better than I expected, and the Spencer Monarch looks almost new - the nicest Monarch label I've seen (at least on black). Much appreciated - but then it's always good to be on the conservative side.

Paul Schlesinger, 12 Jun 2010 (Texas)
I received my CVS-14 Turntable [with installed Transcribe Arm] yesterday evening; set it up this morning. All I can say is, "Wow!" It's everything you said it would be and more. I can't imagine why I waited so long. The quality and versatility is worth the price. The only sad part is that I have several old faithful players that I will never need to use again. With much appreciation!

Dan Kjeldgaard, 9 Jun 2010 (New York)
I want to express my appreciation for another undamaged shipment of wonderful records! Your grading standards remain the best on Earth (my "V-" Pathe looks to be right off the press) and your packing is perfect. I'd also like you to know that your new policy of allowing bidders to have 'first crack' at Unsolds, plus adding those purchases into the auction wins, is smart, practical, and a wise business move. Your policies are the most fair and generous ones that I've seen, and I thank you.

Wally Stall, 9 May 2010 (Texas)
I want to say that the CVS-14 Turntable with the Transcribe Tonearm that I bought from you was the best investment I've made for my collection. I had my eye on 2 or 3 other turntables, but the one I got from you was the most complete. The quality is great; I will have this turntable for many, many years to come. I've told you this before, I wish I had all of my records and transcription discs back that I've had through the years to get them correctly recorded.

Ron Rosenburgh, 7 May 2010 (New York)
Thanks for these additions to my collection. In the years that I've participated in your auctions, I've always been pleased with the results. Your record grading is accurate. Your packing assures that the records arrive in good condition. And I love the 'previous bid' purchase price!

Dave Breninger, 1 Mar 2010 (California)
The CVS-14 Turntable with Transcribe Arm is working out great! This evening I recorded our Old Radio Theater program that will air next Sunday night; the turntable and 2.0 TE Stylus enlivens the sounds from the transcription very nicely.

Ron Bryan, 26 Feb 2010 (Washington)
I've bought records from several different auction companies in the last couple of years - and I must tell you that, in every way, I have been most satisfied with Nauck's.  1)  Diversity of the offerings in your catalog is unparalleled.  2)  Accurate descriptions of condition/grade of the records - and even leans to erring on the side of the lower grade.  In some cases I've seen your V+ be a better condition than other companies' E grade.  3) True auction style bidding where you pay the increment over the second place bid, instead of your top bid.  I bid what the top dollar Id pay for a record might be, but its nice to win it for something less than that sometimes.  4) Careful, professional packing and quick delivery of winnings.  I've been 100% pleased with the records I've won in your auction.  Thanks much!

Benny Ellis, 3 Feb 2010 (Tennessee)
Everything arrived today in excellent shape and I'm very pleased. The CVS-16 Turntable works great! My old 78s and Diamond Discs never sounded better.

David Sager, 17 Aug 2009 (Maryland)
I managed to get my Edison hooked up to the hi-fi and I must say that the Stylus is a "WOW!"  It is the best I have heard so far. Many thanks!

Michel Chaigne, 23 Jul 2009 (United Kingdom)
Your parcel was delivered yesterday, July 22. You have to be RATED as the BEST ever PACKING specialist! I have never experienced this in more than 35 years of collecting - you really are the safest one by.............. miles !!!! The records are awesome as usual, and your grading is very accurate - you are a GEM to the collector's community.

David Egly, 27 Jun 2009 (Indiana)
I look forward to the catalog like I did the mail order catalogs of my childhood. Half of the fun is going through the listing to see what is available, even though I won't be bidding on most of them. Then you get the treat of finding out what you won, and then getting them and listening to them. It has to be one of the better things this side of heaven!

George Kiley, 23 Jun 2009 (Tennessee)
My package of records came yesterday. I was like a 54 year old kid at Christmas sitting up until late in the night listening to my latest buys. A few of these records I have searched for years to get. As usual the quality and shipping care of your merchandise is superb! I enjoy doing business with you all. Once again thank you very much!

Mike Wright, 1 Jun 2009 (Arizona)
Just to confirm to you that this shipment arrived today in good condition with only a slight smooshing of one corner of the box.  (It looked as if it had been dropped or perhaps pushed into something else with some force...thanks USPS!).  There was no damage to the records as your excellent packaging easily absorbed the impact.  In fact, your packaging just seems to get better and better and for that you have my thanks.

Greg Alexander, 17 May 2009 (Maryland)
I am truly enjoying the Truncated Elliptical Stylus I purchased. I was skeptical, but the difference in fidelity is amazing.

Earl Okin, 9 Jan 2009 (United Kingdom)
So, let me repeat that yours is by far the most fair of record auctions in its bidding system, grading, etc. Moreover, you are generous in re-sleeving many of your records in your Disc-O-Files, saving me more money! And finally, your packers are really turning their skill into an art-form. I remember the Royal Academy exhibiting a pile of bricks as a work of art some years ago. Surely one of your beautifully packed boxes of records would qualify as a work of art somewhere!

Erik Host, 27 Dec 2008 (Denmark)
The parcel arrived this morning, and in absolutely perfect shape, thank you. What perfect packing you do. The best I've seen in my 40 years in this racket.

Bruce Bastin, 25 Jun 2008 (United Kingdom)
My winnings arrived the other day. I used to reckon that ___ was the best packer in the biz but let me say that, without a competitor within range, you and your team have taken the pole position. Congratulations and umpteen thanks! Condition of the 78s is superb and overgraded by the efforts of many other sellers. My hat is off to you all...and I'm chuffed to bits with my wins. Best wishes.

John Honderich, 25 Jun 2008 (United Kingdom)
A big box of records has arrived safely, so thank you kindly. The records play beautifully. Getting a box from Nauck's is definitely one of the more exciting things that sometimes happens in my quiet little life... so thanks again! Kind regards.

Jim Auld, 17 Apr 2008 (United Kingdom)
Hi, Kurt, this is just to say that I am back home in Scotland, and to thank you again for the part you played in enabling me to purchase a CVS-14 Turntable while I was in the States recently. It really is a superb piece of equipment, and I am just so glad that I was able to get hold of it. It now has pride of place in my study, having taken the place of my old Goldring-Lenco, which had given up the ghost round about last November.

Jon Zeiderman, 13 Mar 2008 (California)
I'm looking forward to the new auction, it sounds like it will be a good one. I always bid on every auction, usually a dozen records or more. In large part the reason I spend as much time with your auction is because the publication is done so well that reading through it and choosing records is actually a fun part of the hobby. Most other auctions - either online or on xeroxed paper - are a chore.

Nicolas Christensson, 6 Mar 2008 (Sweden)
Just a short message to let you know that the records arrived yesterday. The parcel was seriously damaged and attached with labels from Sweden Post apologizing for the damaged shipment. I was naturally more or less in a state of shock until I opened it. All records are intact which is nothing less than a miracle, but mostly thanks to your extremely professional way of stacking and wrapping the records tightly together. Best regards.

Rmy Mayor, 5 Feb 2007 (Switzerland)
I confirm that I have received my parcel with all records in fine shape and as usual a little better than announced. I take this opportunity to thank you for your more than fair bid adjustments from which I sometimes benefit and that do not go unnoticed. In this world, generosity and kindness are too rare not to be reported and thanked for. My very best regards. God bless you.

Wally Stall, 29 Jan 2007 (Texas)
Just wanted to tell you I received the Gemini Pre-Amp on Friday and hooked it up. The unit is great - the fidelity, clarity and depth are amazing! I wish I had all the records back that I had over the years to re-record all of them again. The unit looks great as well, and the distortion level is very low. Also the low cut feature is nice and much needed.

Don Schneider, The Movie Museum, 17 Jan 2007 (Michigan)
Thanks for the painting "Enrico!"  - it is absolutely gorgeous !!!! Arrived safely, as your items always do. After we get it framed, we'll gather some historic recording artifacts and have a special display event in the summer.

Steve Medved, 5 Jan 2007 (Florida)
The records arrived and Lot 10520 and its box looked new; I am extremely happy with this record. You are one of the few people I trust to buy records from sight unseen. The other record does have light mold, but most people would not even have noticed it. You must use a bright light to grade your records. I have always found your service and records to be outstanding and I like the way your auctions work. Best wishes!

Charles Smith, 22 Dec 2007 (Connecticut)
When I got the package it was very severely damaged on the sides!    (This face really seemed to mirror mine when I saw the damage done!!) Looking it over on the outside I really thought Brunswick 4597 "Icky" that I waited literally YEARS for, was in pieces. I almost winced opening it up! I really thought there is NO WAY that record survived intact! I must say the packing job was excellent (as usual). Here's me once I opened the box and looked the records over:    All were in fine shape. Please share this with the packing crew: Great Job!

George Kiley, 19 Dec 2007 (Tennessee)
Happy Holidays you all! I just wanted to write and say my shipment of records arrived today just perfect. The records I get from your auctions always exceed my expectations and are a welcomed addition to my huge record collection. I always seem to snag a few records from every auction that I have looked for, for years. East Tennessee has never been a record collector's paradise. Thank you very much for my wonderful Christmas gift.

Ray Hadley, 23 Nov 2007 (California)
WOW! I just got the Rondine Jr. Turntable Tuesday. It was great! Every record played a grade higher; at least some V-'s I could enjoy and the E's were much clearer and of course no background noise from my old clunker. Many thanks.

John Foster, 13 Aug 2007 (Canada)
I have just received your Rondine Jr. Turntable. Although this is your entry level turntable, I find it to be a cut above any turntable that I have every owned. I look forward to listening to all the oldies in my collection!

Bruce Whistance, 3 Oct 2007 (New York)
My family and friends are all amazed at the recording you transferred to CD for us. I had forgotten about the poem that my Dad recites on the second half of the two minute wax cylinder. It is the only recording we have of him until we got a tape recorder in the later 1960s. And my performance of "The Animal Fair" is the only recording of my voice before it changed as a teenager. My twin teenage sons are fascinated. You gave us all a big spiritual lift. Thank you so much!

KL, 11 Jun 2005 (Ohio)
Received the recent shipment of my auction wins today and just wanted to let you know that they were worth every penny I paid. This is probably the best batch of records I ever won at auction, and I've participated in many. Keep the goodies coming!

Hakan Widar, 18 Apr 2005 (Sweden)
Thank you very much for your help in obtaining the Re-Equalizer. It works fantastically, and my vertical records sound amazing. Suddenly I can hear things that were not audible before!

Alan Robinson, BBC Broadcast Archive, 14 Mar 2005 (United Kingdom) 
The Disc-O-File Record Sleeves arrived here this morning all safe and sound. Spring is here at last so it's a good start to the week! Thank you very much for attending to our order in the slick manner you have. I know our records will now look that much better in these sleeves and help to preserve them for years to come.

Frank Rutter, 25 Jan 2005 (Canada)
Just a note to thank you for the shipment of unsold [records]. I just can't believe how good they all are. Despite grading, even in some cases rather low, they all play well and arrived scrupulously clean - something I much appreciate. To do this for minimum bids is really first class. I'm really delighted. Cheers and thanks!

Bryan Case, 24 Jun 2004 (Washington)
As usual, I was very pleased with my winnings. I'd also like to say that your bidding protocol has allowed me to enjoy both auctions and collecting in a way I couldn't even dream of if I had to rely on the standard bidding method most auctions use. No doubt you've heard this many times from others, but I needed to state my appreciation nevertheless. Receiving my twice yearly Nauck auction catalog is an event I look forward to with great enthusiasm.

Iigo Cubillo, 27 Jan 2004 (Spain)
Your WONDERFUL box of five carefully preserved (empty) Decca albums plus 250 sleeves arrived home. I'm DELIGHTED, and as always happens with Nauck's Vintage Records & Resources, things are much better than expected. Many thanks for being so kind and patient sellers, and also for being so serious and reliable when describing the condition of things you sell. They're always in better condition than expected, as your rules to assign condition levels to items are much more restrictive than others'. Please, stay always in this line. It makes you so reliable, that at the end one always ends buying things from you.

Izumi Kinoshita, 19 Jan 2004 (Japan)
I received records which I won from your last auction today. I am really satisfied with them in the exact condition as you mentioned on the list, and appreciate you for very safe packing.

Richard Warner, 19 Jan 2004 (United Kingdom)
Just to let you know that my auction wins arrived safely in the UK. Condition exactly as described, great records and superlative packaging. Who could ask for more? Many thanks!

Randy Stewart, 26 Jun 2003 (Missouri)
If I haven't commented on this already, I'd like to say I greatly appreciate the way you handle your auctions, i.e. paying the minimum bid if you're the only bidder, etc.  It makes bargains not only possible, but surprisingly likely!

Seth Lubin, 20 Jun 2003 (New Jersey)
I just wanted to say that I received my auction records, perfectly shipped, as you always do!  I must say that one of my winnings - a Path of Titta Ruffo recorded in 1904 - is one of the most beautiful discs that I have the honor of owning.  Not only is the disc in wonderful condition, but the performance is perhaps one of the greatest that I have ever heard.

Mike Leone, 21 Mar 2003 (Texas)
I'm still extraordinarily happy with the CVS-14 Turntable I bought from you a couple of years ago.  That's one of the best things I ever did for my collection.  And the Edisons sound so good on it.

Dean Opperman, 20 Mar 2003 (California)
You guys are the greatest. My life stops when your booklet arrives. It's one of the true joys in life and I appreciate it; thanks again!

Susan Stinson; Belfer Archive, Syracuse Univ., 3 Feb 2003 (New York)
That package with all the non-sleeve items just arrived this afternoon.  You guys have the best packing procedures on the planet.  Everything arrived 100% intact as usual. Thanks.

Dennis Hardwick, 25 Jan 2003 (Indiana)
I agree, the new Disc-O-Files are the best sleeves I have ever used. Sturdy, well-designed, easy to use and they go neatly on your shelf.

Gran Sderwall, 20 Jan 2003 (Sweden)
The records arrived a couple of days ago and as usual in very good shape. Wish other dealers were as conscientious as you are!

David Morales, 19 Jan 2003 (Massachusetts)
I received the records yesterday...Fantastic...Awesome! Keep up the great work. I can't wait 'till the next auction!!

John Bolig, 10 Jan 2003 (Delaware)
Hi Kurt - the Disc-O-File Sleeves arrived today, and they are great. Any serious collector should invest in these sleeves, and they would be ideal for museums! These are the best designed sleeves I have ever seen; if they were your idea, I compliment you. I have probably handled as many records as you have in my lifetime, and I have some serious trepidations about flimsy sleeves, sleeves with seams on the outside, and with albums.....My original intention was to re-sleeve the records that I value the most.  Having seen what you have done, I will probably re-sleeve every record I own.

Paul Garon, 8 Jan 2003 (Illinois)
The Turntable arrived two days ago (!) and I installed it yesterday. It sounds and works great, much better than the Thorens TD-170 that it is replacing.

Tom Edwards, 4 Jan 2003 (Texas)
I just received my records today. Very pleased! It is amazing how loud Victor Scroll discs are when they are in very good condition! Two of those Bennie Moten records are the nicest and best sounding records in my collection now.

John A. Potwora, 11 Dec 2002 (Ohio)
Thanks! The Esoteric Sound Re-Equalizer is amazing. It's like hearing my 78s for the first time.

Rob Rothberg, 21 Nov 2002 (New Jersey)
Beautiful records, beautifully presented, as always, Best.

Lee Munsick, 8 Nov 2002 (New Jersey)
Hey Kurt, these Disc-O-Files are nice! Is this your own design? I've never seen a sleeve like it. I like the imprint, and especially the two little cutouts which allow one to open up the sleeve but still keep all of the record clean, instead of all those dusty arcs at the top of the records. Bravo! This will also discourage people from grabbing the records by that exposed place, thus getting greasy kids stuff all over them, and running the risk of breakage because they're grabbing too close to the edge. Better to get your entire hand further in and spread your fingers, tipping the sleeve so the record slides out nicely onto the fingers which grab the label! Hurray!

Darrell Baker, 3 Nov 2002 (California)
The Esoteric Sound Re-Equalizer is the best piece of sound equipment I have ever purchased in over forty years of record collecting!

Howard Martin, 5 Sep 2002 (United Kingdom)
Many thanks: the package of Billy Williams records finally arrived safe and sound, and I am extremely pleased with their condition. In fact, all the records I have received from you are in far better condition than many of the records I buy at record fairs.

Mike DeFazio, Sr.,  26 Jun 2002 (Connecticut) 
I have taken part in several auctions and I think that yours is the best. I especially like the limit you impose so that a person can own an item without bidding the moon. You run a great auction; extremely honest with courtesy and fast shipping. I'll be bidding EVERY time.

James Corrado, 14 Jun 2002 (Pennsylvania)
I wanted to personally thank you for the integrity you display in your auction bid pricing. I know I'm not alone in my praises. I lucked out on two of my selections - why? Because you are kind enough in allowing me to bid a bit higher on certain selections, knowing you are more than fair on the final winning bid. Thanks so much!

Bernard Bury, 8 May 2002 (United Kingdom)
May I express my appreciation of your way of organizing your splendid Catalogues. They have given me more enjoyment and pleasure than any others, and I am grateful to you.

Rick Robertson, 7 Dec 2001 (Alabama)
Records arrived and as always, I am most pleased. I think one of the reasons I so enjoy doing business with you is that I can tell from the way these records are packed that you know that the value of these records to the buyer is often far beyond what they actually paid for them. These two fine Grnfeld discs are priceless additions to my collection. Thanks!

Rodolfo Stiassi, 30 Oct 2000 (Italy)
I wish to thank you for the quality of your service. Yes, there are many auctioneers that have lower minimum bids and records more easily won, but I personally pay with pleasure the small difference if I receive better service, as it is with you: correct grading, cleaned records, new sleeves, a superb catalog and perfect packaging. It is always a pleasure to receive something from you.

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