Advanced Cylinder Technology (ACT) Reproducer


Paired with an Edison cylinder phonograph, the Advanced Cylinder Technology (ACT) Reproducer allows phono cylinders to be played electrically through a stereo system just like a normal vinyl record. The reproducer may be used with a Home, Standard, Fireside or Triumph model Edison cylinder machine.

Though the ACT reproducer is made to fit directly into a small carriage arm (which would normally accommodate a Model C, H, or K reproducer), it may also be used in a large carriage arm through the use of an adapter ring.

The reproducer itself is priced at $385 and comes fitted with a Stanton 500 cartridge. Styli are sold separately at $125 for a 2 minute stylus and $95 for a 4 minute stylus. The reproducer connects to the PHONO IN jacks of a phono preamp or integrated amplifier by means of a standard RCA cable.

Supplies are very limited, so ACT now if you want one!