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Vintage Record Auction 69

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Bids must be received no later than Thursday, April 15.
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Introducing..."The Buddy System"

Record collecting is a community sport and much more enjoyable when shared with others. So we have developed Nauck's Buddy System - a way for us to grow the community of collectors and foster new friendships.

What's in it for us?
We get new bidders and the 78rpm fraternity grows (which it desperately needs to do; no one's interests are served if we don't find younger collectors to pick up where us old farts leave off!)

What's in it for you?     
For every new collector you refer, you will receive $10 in Buddy Credit, which will be subtracted from your auction invoice. There is no limit to the number of names you can submit, but they must be people we don't already have in our database, and they must make bids of their own in our fall auction. (The first person making a referral will get the credit.) If your Buddy Credit exceeds your auction total, the unused portion will roll over to the next auction - Buddy Credit never expires! But it does apply to auction wins only; it may not be used for Resource Catalog orders, shipping costs or sales tax.

What's in it for your buddies?
They get introduced to the exciting world of Nauck's: collector's resources, Bidder Request Shows, Disc-O-Files, bidder contests and, of course, Nauctions. But that's not all. If their auction winnings meet or exceed...

      $50, they will receive a free copy of Note the Notes - an Illustrated History of the Columbia Record Label

      $100, they will receive a copy of The Advertising History of the Berliner & Victor Talking Machine

      $250, they will receive a copy of The Collector's Guide to Victor Records

      $500, they will receive all three!

To participate, simply email us your names along with their mailing addresses, emails & phone numbers. Remember, only one bidder can be credited with a referral, so don't let the spring wind down on this offer.

At Nauck's Vintage Records, Everybuddy's a winner!

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Archeophone #30 ready to be delivered to its fortunate new owner! (Archeophone #19 can be seen on the left.)
Pictured from left to right are Mark holding a Path? Celeste, Kurt 3 with his weensy Bebe Jumeau and Jackson with a Columbia 20th Century cylinder in the studio at Ft. Nauck's.



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