American Record Companies & Producers - 1888-1950


Allan Sutton

Hard cover, 7"x10", 760 pp

Over 1,100 detailed, carefully documented entries cover the record companies, independent studios, individual producers and the thousands of disc and cylinder brands they produced for the commercial market from the birth of the recording industry to the beginning of the LP era. Commercial recordings, jukebox issues and subscription series are all covered, including ethnic labels. Each entry includes company founding, record-production, and closing dates; office, studio and pressing-plant locations; original-master sources; foreign affiliations; and a listing of all known commercial labels and other record products. The volume also includes an introductory history of the American recording industry from the 1880s through 1950, plus a user's guide, company genealogical charts, glossary, extensive references (largely primary-source), and label and subject indexes.

Though it isn't billed as such, this book is a greatly revised and expanded edition of Sutton's American Record Labels and Companies: an Encyclopedia (ARLAC), which has long been out-of-print. Because it so much larger and more inclusive than ARLAC, Sutton is regarding this as a brand new work - and so it is. Quantities are very limited.