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The Bidder Request Show . . .

by all accounts was a resounding success. And by "resounding," I mean that you can listen to it again and again by purchasing the BRS 62 CD. For a measly $24 (postpaid), you'll receive over 14 hours of fun brought to you by your gentle hosts, Kurt, Mark & Jack. (The 10 hour Radio Dismuke broadcast plus four bonus hours only available on the CD.) Click on the Resource Catalog at left to order copies for you and all your record-collecting friends. They make terrific stocking stuffers!


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Archeophone #30 ready to be delivered to its fortunate new owner! (Archeophone #19 can be seen on the left.)
Pictured from left to right are Mark holding a Pathé Celeste, Kurt 3 with his weensy Bebe Jumeau and Jackson with a Columbia 20th Century cylinder in the studio at Ft. Nauck's.


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