There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves. - Luke 21:25


Vintage Record Auction 62 is Up & Running

The auction closes October 28, and some have suggested that it might be our best list yet. Guess that depends on what you collect, but it's certainly worth checking out. Click the Current Auction button on the left to access the full catalog.

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Hurricane Update

It is always a pleasure to receive guests at Ft. Nauck's, and we've had a number of out-of-town callers this summer. But a gentleman named Harvey blew into town recently and quite overstayed his welcome. "Gentleman" is a generous term, as he turned out to be a most disagreeable sort, full of bluster and no respecter of persons. Though we had little warning of his coming, we took precautions and pretended not to be at home. He left us for lower lying fruit. (The picture shown here was taken last year during the 2016 Tax Flood. The recent flood did not reach this high, thank God.)

 Thankfully, none of us sustained any damage from Harvey, either here at the shop or at our homes. But we are blessed to be a blessing, so over the coming weeks, one or more of us may be out helping persons in the community who weren't as fortunate. Please have patience with us during this time. We will do our best to fill orders, answer questions and keep this ship on course as we press on towards the closing of the auction.


Looking for turntables, styli, discographies, books, Victrola needles, cylinder boxes, Bidder Request Shows or Disc-O-File record sleeves?

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Archeophone #30 ready to be delivered to it's fortunate new owner! (Archeophone #19 can be seen on the left.)
Pictured from left to right are Mark holding a Pathé Celeste, Kurt 3 with his weensy Bebe Jumeau and Jackson with a Columbia 20th Century cylinder in the studio at Ft. Nauck's.


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